Submissions 2015

The Australian Bankers’ Association response to the Inquiry into the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement
24 Jul 2015
The ABA provided a submission to the Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Treaties Inquiry into the Free Trade Agreement between the Government of Australia and the Government of the People’s Republic of China.
The Australian Bankers’ Association submission on Amendments to Chapter 4
8 Jul 2015
The ABA provided recommendations to AUSTRAC regarding Amendments to Chapter 4 (customer identification) of the AML/CTF Rules.
The Australian Bankers’ Association submission on home ownership
26 Jun 2015
The ABA responded to the House of Representatives Economics Committee Inquiry into Home Ownership.
Fees for Banking Services 2015 report
18 Jun 2015
The Australian Bankers' Association's 2015 fees report shows that the growth in total fees for banking services remains low, especially when compared to the growth in banking activity. Over the past six years fees from transaction accounts have halved while transaction volumes have increased by 50 per cent. Households are also paying the lowest amount of fees on their home loans in six years, despite the strong activity in the housing market.
Australia’s competitive credit card market
11 Jun 2015
This paper looks at the large range of credit card products and providers available in today’s market. It includes information on card interest rates, features and repayment options.
The Australian Bankers’ Association submission on the Federal Government’s tax discussion paper
9 Jun 2015
The ABA discusses elements of the current tax system that have served Australia well and opportunities for reform that would lead to a more efficient, simpler, fairer and internationally competitive system.
Households are borrowing more - so how well are they managing their finances?
1 Jun 2015
This report looks at the value of total borrowings by households in relation to income and assets as well as the use of credit cards and available personal credit.
The Australian Bankers’ Association submission on the financial services industry
7 May 2015
The ABA commented on the Federal Government's consultation on recommendations of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services' inquiry to lift the professional, ethical and education standards in the financial services industry.
The Australian Bankers’ Association submission on the review of card payments regulation
24 Apr 2015
The ABA responded to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s Review of Card Payments Regulation issues paper.
The Australian Bankers’ Association submission on regulatory cost savings
15 Apr 2015
The ABA commented on APRA proposals to reduce compliance costs for regulated institutions in its report, APRA update on Regulatory Cost Savings.

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