Stay safe when banking on the go

By Steven Munchenberg, Chief Executive, Australian Bankers' Association

11 March, 2013: Smartphone and tablet technology is revolutionising the way many people live, pay and bank. Both are mobile computers which you might be able to use to pay on the go, check your bank balances, track your savings and even split that bill at the restaurant. It can be like having a bank branch in your pocket or handbag.

Unfortunately, the Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA) is seeing fraud, scams and harassment move into the digital world as criminals use information and communications technology to commit old crimes in new ways.

Smartphones and tablets can provide access to the Internet and e-mail and allow you to download applications and games and store personal contacts, photos and information. So it is important to protect and secure your smartphone and tablet just as you would your home computer or laptop.

You can take steps to avoid becoming a victim by learning how to protect your information and devices; and by gaining an understanding of how criminals try to defraud people.

To help you, the ABA and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have prepared a fact sheet: “Banking on the go – security tips for your smartphone and tablet”.

The fact sheet can be downloaded here or from the AFP website.

Consumers may also be protected by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Code of Conduct. All retail banks in Australia offer electronic banking services are signatories to the Code. For more information on the Code visit the ASIC website.

So get mobile with your banking – you can’t beat the convenience.

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