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Small Business

Small Business Information

Today's small businesses have many unique and diverse needs. Whether you're looking for tips on developing a business plan or tools for managing and growing your company, Australia’s banks can help. Banks provide service and support to small- and medium-sized businesses in many ways, and financing is only one of them. This section has some information which would assist small business and farm businesses.

Small Business Access to Finance - Year to March 2013

The ABA worked with the Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA) on this report which was   commissioned from DBM to get some facts about small business credit and to inform public discussion. Both organisations had heard small businesses’ concerns about getting the credit they need to grow.  At the same time, particularly with demand for credit down, banks are very keen to lend to viable businesses.  We wanted to understand why this mismatch was occurring. The report notes that access to finance is not a major issue for most small businesses, but those businesses seeking to grow can have concerns.

Applying for a loan – completed jointly with CPA Australia

One of the key challenges for many small to medium businesses is working out how to approach the bank for a loan. Small businesses often look to finance their business needs with debt. This fact sheet will discuss how small to medium businesses can prepare for the bank finance application process

Dealing with debt – how banks can help if the small business is experiencing financial difficulties

Recent changes in the financial environment and the domestic economy have affected many bank customers including small business customers. If you do encounter problems, it is best to get in touch with your bank as quickly as possible and together work out a strategy for keeping on top of your loan.

Refinance Your Business Debt

For many small businesses the initial financing arrangements put in place at start up are still in place many years later. For example, a company starts off
with a simple overdraft facility and may arrange for several modest increases in the facility overtime, without consideration of the suitability of the debt arrangements to its current and future needs or the cost/benefit of the facility.

Small business owners and their advisers should review existing debt finance arrangements on a regular basis. This ensures that the finance facility and structure fits the current needs of the business. This fact sheet will discuss the areas that small to medium-sized businesses need to consider when undertaking a review of existing debt finance. It has been prepared by the Australian Bankers’ Association and CPA Australia.

Protecting your business information online

Small businesses are increasingly opting to do business via the Internet. However, this new way of doing business can expose the business to risk through the very medium which is providing tremendous advantage. This fact sheet provides useful information on providing access to your systems and business records from thieves.

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ASIC has a website to help you make smart choices about money. For more information about managing your money, you can read this article or visit Money Smart.

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Australians are losing more money to dating and romance scams according to the ACCC's 2014 scam activity report. The banking industry is urging all customers to be wary of who they send money to online. Find out more