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Research papers

Recent research papers which the Australian Bankers’ Association has produced to promote public policy discussions by exploring topical issues which affect banks in Australia.

Taxes and other levies paid to governments in Australia by the banking Industry
27 March 2015
This report looks at the contribution of the Australian banking industry to government revenue through taxes and other levies and compares this with the tax paid by banks in other countries and with the tax paid by other industries in Australia. 
Key truths on housing in Australia
11 March 2015
This report provides perspective on trends in the Australian housing market and the state of household finances. It compares house prices at the national level, by state and with other developed countries. The report looks at the main drivers of house prices including monetary policy, and also considers supply of housing relative to demand and bank lending policies.
ABA response to The Australia Institute in regard to Profit in Home Lending
7 September 2012
The purpose of this short paper is to respond to the recently released Technical Brief by The Australia Institute: The Australia Institute, The profit in home lending, Technical Brief No. 16, August 2012. It details the flaws in The Australia Institute’s methodology. The ABA also issued a media release on the media reports which were based on The Australia Institute’s technical brief.
Linking Banks and Strong Economic Growth by Brendon Harper, Senior Policy Analyst, Australian Bankers’ Association
1 August 2011
The health of our banks and the health of our economy are inseparable. The activities of our banks influence every sector of the Australian economy. Furthermore, as seen through the recent Global Financial Crisis, Australia’s financial system is seen as a cornerstone of the nation’s economic resilience. Equally, the continued strength and profitability of Australia’s financial system relies on the strong long-run economic growth of the nation. This paper established the importance of the banking industry to the Australian economy and the economic and social contributions it makes. Additionally, it highlights the why it is important for the banking industry to consider the role of policy reforms to promote strong economic growth and subsequently why it is important to raise these issues in the public domain.

AUSTRALIAN BANKERS’ ASSOCIATION Occasional Papers are designed to promote public policy discussions by exploring topical issues that affect banks in Australia. They do not necessarily represent the final policy views of the Australian Bankers’ Association or any member bank.


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