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Media Releases

The Australian Bankers’ Association is the information source for the news media on the Australian banking industry, providing information, analysis and context on industry issues.

Banks offer emergency assistance following the NSW storms
23 April 2015
SYDNEY, 23 April 2015: Customers and businesses in the communities affected by this week’s severe weather conditions in NSW can access immediate relief assistance from banks, the Australian Bankers’ Association said today
ABA comment on Financial Counselling Australia ‘Rank the Banks’ survey
1 April 2015
SYDNEY, 1 April 2015: The banking industry has an ongoing focus on ensuring the best outcomes for customers in financial hardship, the Australian Bankers' Association said today following the release of Financial Counselling Australia's survey of banks' hardship policies and practices.
Better deal for customers from changes to unclaimed monies law
18 March 2015
SYDNEY, 18 March 2015: The Australian Bankers’ Association has welcomed the Federal Government’s decision to return the unclaimed monies regime to the original seven year period.
New guidance to enhance support for people in financial hardship
12 March 2015
SYDNEY, 12 March 2015: To help people in financial hardship receive better support and assistance, the banking industry has today released new guidance on the types of arrangements available for customers experiencing financial difficulty.
Low interest rates yes, property bubble no: new report
11 March 2015
SYDNEY, 11 March 2015: House prices in Australia are in a period of strong growth spurred on by low interest rates, but there is no evidence of a property bubble, according to a report on the housing market released today by the Australian Bankers’ Association.
Financial relief available for people affected by cyclones
23 February 2015
SYDNEY, 23 February 2015: Banks are offering a wide range of support packages to assist communities and customers affected by the cyclones in Queensland and the Northern Territory, the Australian Bankers’ Association said today.
ABA supports co-regulatory framework to build trust in the financial advice industry
19 February 2015
SYDNEY, 19 February 2015: The Australian Bankers’ Association strongly supports the Federal Government’s commitment to raise the education and professional standards of financial advisers, highlighted by Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg today.
Financial adviser register an important step towards professionalising the industry
17 February 2015
SYDNEY, 17 February 2015: The public register of financial advisers is a significant consumer protection measure and will enable consumers to have more confidence that they are receiving qualified and appropriate financial advice, the Australian Bankers’ Association said today.
New tool to help detect financial abuse of Australians
12 February 2015
SYDNEY, 12 February 2015: Following a successful trial with major banks, Capacity Australia, with support from the Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA), has released a simple online education and assessment tool to help bank staff combat rising financial abuse of vulnerable people.
Banks offer bushfire financial relief packages for customers
8 January 2015
SYDNEY, 8 January 2015: Customers and businesses in the communities affected by the bushfires in southern and western parts of Australia can access immediate relief assistance from banks, the Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA) said today.


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