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Code of Banking Practice

Code of Banking PracticeCode of Banking Practice

The Code of Banking Practice is the banking industry's customer charter on best banking practice standards.

The Code sets out the banking industry's key commitments and obligations to customers on standards of practice, disclosure and principles of conduct for their banking services. The Code applies to personal and small business bank customers.

Revised Code of Banking Practice - 2013

The revised Code of Banking Practice was published on January 2013 and the commencement date for the 2013 version of the Code is 1 February 2014.

Download the updated Code of Banking Practice 2013 and the CCMC Mandate 2013:

The revised Code will take effect and apply to your bank when your bank adopts the Code. All current subscribers to the 2004 version of the Code will need to adopt the 2013 Code by 1 February 2014.

Banks that have adopted the Code of Banking Practice.

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Older versions of the Code

Need to access previous versions of the Code? The reason you may need these older version is because you have a dispute which dates back a year or so, you need to find out which version of the Code applied when the issue with your bank occurred. You can check which Code applies and when here.

Download previous versions:

Frequently asked Questions about the Code

You may have some questions about the Code, so we have produced some Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.

Breach of the Code of Banking Practice?

An independent compliance monitoring body, Code Compliance Monitoring Committee (CCMC) has been set up to investigate possible breaches of the Code. Anyone can refer a possible breach of the Code to this committee. For more information visit the CCMC website. A customer can also refer an allegation of the breach of the Code to the bank’s external dispute resolution scheme, the Financial Ombudsman Service, if the customer has suffered a loss and is not satisfied with the bank’s internal dispute resolution.

The CCMC Mandate 2013 is a public document that sets out the role, functions and powers of the CCMC for monitoring subscribing banks’ compliance with the Code, including undertaking investigations and own motion inquiries. The Mandate replaces the “Constitution of the Code Compliance Monitoring Committee Association”.

Clause 36 of the 2013 Code and the CCMC Mandate is in force from 1 February 2013.

Although the Code and the Mandate are separate instruments they are contained in a single document to make it easier to read both. The information contained in the Mandate will assist consumers better understand the role of the CCMC.

Review of the 2004 modified Code of Banking Practice

A review of the Code of Banking Practice (modified 2004) was undertaken by Independent Reviewer Jan McClelland in 2007-2008 and her final report was published in December 2008. Read more about this review and others here.


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