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The Australian Bankers’ Association provides information to the public about banking and financial issues that affect all Australians.

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Bank fees
29 Jan 2017
Find out the most common bank fees that apply to transaction accounts, credit products and home loans.
A guide to resolving complaints
29 Jan 2017
Not sure what to do if you have a problem or complaint with your bank? See this step-by-step guide.
The small business sector in Australia
17 Jun 2016
This infographic provides a snapshot of how much banks lend to small businesses.
Romance scams
19 May 2016
Have you met someone online and are providing money to them? Find out about the alarming incidence of romance scams and prevent it happening to you.
Credit card use in Australia
1 Apr 2016
In this infographic find out how much Australians spent on credit cards in 2015 and the average outstanding balance.
Banks and the economy
11 Nov 2015
This infographic shows banks' strong contribution to Australia's economy in 2015.
Avoiding bank fees
13 Aug 2015
From using your own bank's ATM to setting up SMS alerts when your account reaches a certain balance, find out how to avoid bank fees.
13 Aug 2015
This fact sheet explains the types of ATM transactions and tips to minimise ATM fees.
Direct debits
12 Aug 2015
This fact sheet explains the different processes to set up and cancel direct debits that are from your deposit account or credit or debit card.
Credit cards in Australia
10 Aug 2015
This infographic provides a snapshot of the credit card market in Australia, including the different products and interest rates on offer so consumers can choose the card that best suits their needs.

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Phone scam warning
3 Sep 2017
Have you been phoned by someone claiming to be from the ABA? This is a long-running scam. Be careful not to provide personal or banking details.
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Banks are changing
Find out the major changes banks are making to deliver better products and services to customers., Australian Bankers' Association
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