Australian Bankers' Association Inc.

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About Us

The work of the Australian Bankers’ Association

There is a large range of public policy issues being addressed by the ABA, but generally the association is working to help build a regulatory environment that promotes growth in the banking industry and the wider economy.

Key elements of work include:

  • Development of Industry Codes and Standards
    Continuing development of the Code of Banking Practice and a number of other standards which ensure best practice across the banking industry on issues such as access to electronic banking, electronic transactions and security.
  • Prudential and Payments System reform
    Responding to the lessons of the global financial crisis and new international bank capital and liquidity requirement and other regulations and cooperating with Government to ensure a safe financial system which is competitive and offers new entrants an even playing field.
  • Conduct and disclosure 
    Cooperating with the Government to ensure that changes to law do not disadvantage, but deliver benefits to bank customers – retail and business - such as legislation related to the banking industry conduct and disclosure.
  • Financial Literacy
    Improving Australians’ financial literacy through our program, Broadening Financial Understanding, aimed at helping Australians make informed and confident decisions regarding their own finances.
  • Retirement Incomes Policy
    Maximising opportunities for bank customers to have choice and portability of superannuation funds, simplify the system and create a fairer taxation regime.
  • Rural and Regional 
    Coordinating the banking industry’s response on issues related to rural and regional Australia and in particular water reform.
  • Security
    Working cooperative with banks, government sector representatives, private sector, police and card schemes to look at ways of preventing fraud.
  • Taxation reform
    Negotiating for banks and the wider business community the best possible outcomes from reviews of business taxation


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